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Hi, my name is Kintina with TomKin Consulting. And I want to welcome you to our channel. TomKin Consulting is a branding and digital marketing company. And our main mission is to

“Reach the lost, and teach the found through Technology.”

And who are the lost??? The lost are those people who start businesses just for the sake of making money without having a real passion to work it. These lost entrepreneurs focus on growing business quickly and fast. They don’t properly plan their business. They have insufficient capital to maintain their new business venture. They over-expand, and they don’t take advantage of having a professional & optimized website. The lost start their businesses with poor management skills, those of entrepreneurs don’t recognize how the World Wide Web can streamline most of their process, and the amazing impact the Web could have in growing their business. These traits are some of the reasons why 90% of businesses fail within the first 5 years or less.

Then who are the lost??? The lost are those entrepreneurs who simply need help getting organized. These businesses may understand the value of technology but they struggle to be heard on the noisy World Wide Web. These entrepreneurs keep detailed records about their businesses, but they don’t analyze their competition. They don’t understand the risks and rewards of being in business online. They sometimes lack creativity and focus. They usually sacrifice and provide great services, but they find it hard to be consistent.

In general, both groups don’t have a good Information Technology team who truly understands modern technology, and both “the Lost and the Found” simply needs a jump start in the right direction. Therefore, TomKin Consulting was born just for you. “We are here to reach the lost, and teach the found through technology.”

TomKin Consulting is a husband and wife team. And the name TomKin is a consolidation of both names merged together to form our consulting company. As with our names, Thomas and I have consolidated all of our corporate professional skills and experiences in Information Technology, Finance and Accounting, Research and Development, and also Corporate Business Analysis to create TomKin Consulting.

Thomas and I are so excited that you decided to join us here and learn how you can become successful with marketing your company online. TomKin Consulting is here to serve you throughout your company’s branding and digital marketing journey.

First of all, we want to make sure that you are learning, and make sure that you are having fun while you are learning and growing your business. But most importantly, we are to here to make sure you are seeing real measurable results in the growth of your own business. Everything we teach and consult with you on is what we are doing to grow our own consulting business online.

And over the past few years we have learned a lot about content marketing, social media, and paid marketing. Now, we want to share what we’ve discovered while on our own online business journey.

One of the biggest challenges we initially faced over 5 years ago was defining our business and target audience. In fact, most businesses struggle in the beginning because they skip this step. Therefore, our first objective is to help you define your business and target audience.

TomKin Consulting is excited to help you take your dreams to realities!!!

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